Starting a hobby gamedev venture.

For a while now I have been debating with myself about starting a mobile game business. There are a lot of articles floating around the internet these days explaining why this is a bad idea. From increasing market saturation, to low profit margins and the paradoxical “failed successes” where companies lose money despite successful sales numbers.

Nevertheless I have decided to give it a go! Taking inspiration from other HTML5/mobile developers that are blogging about their experiences such as Chris Benjaminsen and True Valhalla, I will be developing and releasing a series of small mobile games and documenting the process.

These games will be developed using Game Maker: Studio. Despite experience with various programming languages, I have chosen to use GM:S for this project due to it’s ability to very quickly get a project off the ground. I also already have access to modules for GM:S which will allow me to easily export my creations to multiple platforms.

As for goals, I have not quite gotten to that point yet. Check back later this week for my thoughts on how I’m going to get started!

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