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Earlier this week I wrote about my intentions to start a hobby gamedev business, but never included much about what I hope to get out of it.


I know that the mobile market is probably hard to break in to. There are plenty of developers that do not make enough income from their games to cover the cost of publishing to mobile to begin with! That being said, there are also clearly plenty of games that are making money. Ideally I would like to work on developing games in my spare time, and eventually generate enough income to take it full-time in lieu of my current corporate job.

Per week I only have about 8 hours to work on my hobby project. In order to replace me existing job and current salary, I would need to be making over £100 per hour for each of those 8 hours worked. As I do not believe that this is a realistic expectation to begin with, I am setting my goal at a somewhat lower but still livable income.


In order to be worthwhile, the total income from all games I make must match or exceed £400 per week, or around £58 per day. This is the equivalent of £50 per hour worked.

As such, her are my goals for this project in 2016:

  • Spend around 8 hours per week working on the project
  • Release 3 small games to web and mobile by October 2016
  • Generate a daily income of £58 or more by the end of the year

In order to facilitate the release of 3 games this year whilst working only 8 hours a week, I will be focusing on ad-generated income from free-to-play action/puzzle games. The reasoning behind this is that I can develop these games in a short time frame, as they don’t (usually) have a large requirement for game assets and logic.

I am working on my first game now, taking inspiration from Alexey Pajitnov’s Multicross – a Tetris-style drag’n’drop puzzle game from the creator of Tetris. I did actually start development of the game before I researched and found Alexey’s version, but as his is only on iOS and does not include many features, I decided to continue with development anyway!

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